Hi, I'm Curt Mitchell I've been playing the guitar for 50 years (since I was 5) and I've been the guitarist/songwriter on 1 major and 5 indie label CDs with two outfits, Razormaid (1987) and Bangalore Choir (1990 to present) I'm also the instructor on the popular "Guitar Method In the Style Of" DVD series.These titles sold over a million units world wide. I've also done some TV music, the most recent was the Bill Engvall show. I worked on the incidental music for that show while it was on the air. Along with making CDs and TV, I've been creating guitar lessons for over 20 years.

Real Reno/Real Classic Rock

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112 E John St, Carson City, NV 89706

For all Learn to Burn equipment inquiries please email me at: curt@curt-mitchell.com